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8 ideas you may want TO ADD TO YOUR GARDEN

Oh my, the weather has been so nice in Michigan that I’ve been in the garden every day planting and thinking up new things to add to my garden. I love the look of structures and different bobbles in my garden mixed amongst the flowers and veggies. I must confess I’ll be adding more veggies and less flowers this year but I feel the need to plant edible things and not as many pretties.

BIRDHOUSE: Here are 8 ideas I’ve been thinking on. My number one all time favorite thing to add is a birdhouse. In my opinion you can never have to many. I’ve run out of spaces to put them unless I can talk hubby into adding poles for me to mount them on.

GARDEN SHED: I love having my very own garden shed to load up with just my things. I do all the lawn work (and I like it that way) so I’m picking about how my mower is cared for and I like it to have it’s own space out of the weather. I know it’s always topped off with gas after each mow and kept grass clipping free on the mower deck.

BIRD BATH: No garden is complete without a bird bath. I’ll be adding a small solar fountain to mine this year in hopes of attracting more birds. I seem to fill it regularly because the dogs tend to drink out of it. Hmm, maybe that’s why the birds don’t use it.

TRELLIS: I have never had a fancy trellis in my garden but the look is stunning with roses climbing up it. The one I have is made from crib springs. I guess I just gravitate to the rustic look a little more.

RAIN BARREL: Do you have a rain barrel? I’ve always wondered does it become a breading ground for mosquitos and become a problem? I think it’s a wonderful idea, especially if it fills with rain water. I use a hose with well water on my garden which is better than city water but rain water is best.

WIND CHIME: You either love them or hate them. For me they drive me crazy hearing them but others just love the tinkling sound they give off. I’ve been gifted them several times and have never found one that makes a sound I enjoy.

GAZING BALL: I remember when these were all the rage in everyones garden years and years ago. They sure have come a long way. There’s a color and style for everyone now. The early ones reminded me of of the metallic Christmas ornaments but now they come in blown glass in every color all swirled together.

BENCH: Let’s face it we all need a place to rest in the shade when we’re out gardening. Gardening is hard, hot work, yet rewarding. But having a place to get out of the heat and catch your breath is wonderful on a hot humid day.

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